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Founded nearly 20 years, has a wealth of production experience, with professional production capacity of filling the whole line.
Products are exported to more than 40 countries and regions in the world. 
Perfect after-sales service system, recognized by customers.

Water Filling Machie

Monoblock water machine is one of our pop sale
product.We’re famous for high speed water
filing machine, which is 20% faster than
normal water filling machine.
All machine can be OEM customized.

Juice Filling Machine

We offer juice hot filling and aseptic cold filling machine.
We offer for both plastic bottle and glass bottle with
different cap, also metal tin cans, aluminum cans and
PET cans. All machine can be OEM customized.

Carbonated Drink Filling Machine

Our monoblock carbonated drink filling machine is using
balance pressure filling, can apply to plastic bottle,
glass bottle and cans.
All machine can be OEM customized.

Beer Filling Machine

Our beer filling machine can be customized to different
vessels, such as glass bottle, aluminum bottle, metal tin
can and aluminum can, double evacuation keeps beer
with more nature and better taste. 

Cans Filling Machine

We provide can filling machine for various liquid and
different type of cans, speed from 2000-30000 can
per hour. All machine can be OEM customized.

Oil Filling Machine

Our oil filling machine is use digital weight filling valve, can apply to both linear and rotary type filler. It can customize for 1L-10L plastic oil bottle, can also suit for glass bottle. Precision is between 2g to 5g depends on valve brand.

Diary and milk filling machine

Our diary filling machine is designed for different type liquid, such as milk, milkshake,milky drink etc. Combined with our mixing pastuerizing system, can customize to various packaging way, like bottle, tetra pack and tin can.chine

Cosmetic detergent filling machine

Our cosmetic detergent filling machine is designed for various cosmetic products, such as liquid soap,shampoo, body lotion,face cream etc. It can also customize for different caps, like pump cap, screw cap, spray gun cap,etc.

Wine filling machine

We provide can filling machine for various liquid and
different type of cans, speed from 2000-30000
can per hour.
 All machine can be OEM customized.


At present, we can produce mineral water and pure water filling machines with 1000-20000 bottles/hour, 5-gallon barrel water filling
production lines for vinegar, soy sauce, and wine filling machines with 1000-20000 bottles/hour, fruit juice, and tea and plant ,dairy
production lines, and various water treatment lines.


Zhangjiagang City Yufeng Beverage Machinery Co., Ltd. is a manufacturing enterprise specializing in producing beverage packing equipment and water treatment equipment. Our company has not only accumulated over ten years' production experience but also has introduced advanced technology from at home and abroad. 
We invested our hard work for people just like you
that insist on a great user experience.
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"Honesty, Sincerity, and good faith" is our spirit, while "High technology, high quality, and high level" is what we look for.


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Address: Zhenbei Road, Leyu Town, 
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Address: Zhenbei Road, Leyu Town, Zhangjiagang City, Suzhou, 
Jiangsu, China
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