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Aseptic Prisma carton brick juice filling machine

fully automatic square brick form filling machine divided into different specification and model in accordance with production output, configuration, automation degree, the size of the box, the size of the cover,in order to meet different users’ requirements.
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1. Work flow :
Put brick cardboard into carton holder (manually)  Bottom preforming  Bottom heating and sealing  Filling  Top preforming  Top sealing molding  ear heating  ear sealing Finished brisk carton product to warehouse
The whole process is controlled by PLC, and only need one person to operate.
2.  Suitable for filling:
Various kinds of dairy products, such as milk, yogurt, cream, soy been milk, beaten egg, etc.
Fruit juice drink, fruit vinegar drinks, , beverage, cereal drink, tea drink, , butter, wine, condiment, chemical liquid products etc liquid filling products.
3.  Technical parameter:
Capacity: 200-250ml or 500ml or 1000ml
Output: 2000-2500 cartons/hour
Packing material: brick aluminum foil carton
Filling temperature: hot filling 80-94 degree centigrade
Overall power: 31KW (three phases of electricity) 
Shelf life: Depending on the product types and process
Compressed air pressure: 1.0-1.4 Mpa,   Flow rate: 1.4-2M3/min, without oil, water and dust
Cooling waterFlow volume≥40L/ min   Temperature30
Size: (L*W*H): 180-250 ml type  3.8m *1m *2.6m
Net Weight: 3200kg
Installation requirement: Any smooth floor, such as cement, floor tile, plastic ground, etc. Do not need to
make angle.
The machine is with carton lifting function to avoid foam forming and splashing when filling juice and milk.
The machine is made of food-grade stainless steel and the surface is special processed to be beautiful.
PLC control, only need one worker.
Apply touch screen which shows relevant information for operator to make the operation easy.
Automatically record the working status which can be long-term saved.
Automatic lubrication.
Automatically failure alarm, diagnosing, and solution indicating.
The filling capacity can be adjusted at will.
The capping function is optional.
Can be installed with remote debugging system, which can solve problems for long distance customers.
5.  Major spare parts:
1 The entire equipment applies food-grade stainless steel,excluding the support
2 Heater Swiss LEISTER
3 PLC German Siemens
4 Extensive module German Siemens
5 Pipeline solenoid valve Japanese SMC
6 Pneumatic component German FESTO
7 Touch screen Taiwan DELTA
8 Cylinder German FESTO
9 Cylinder Taiwan AIRTAC
10 Cylinder Japanese SMC
11 Vacuum sucker German FESTO
12 Air filter Swiss LEISTER
13 Buffer German FESTO
14 Compressed air filter system German FESTO
15 Fiber-optic sensor system Japanese SICK
16 Oil way system American BIJUR
17 Vacuum generator German FESTO
18 Location aluminum board AVIC Shenyang Aircraft Corporation
19 Remote debugging system
(install if user need)
German Siemens


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