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Automatic Full Servo PET bottle making machine

this serious machinery is used for blowing pet bottle from 50-2000ml, and 3-10L bottle. with full servo motor to save more energy.
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1. Product introduction
1.1 high-efficient preform supply system:
Fully-automatic preform-unscrambled and preform-loading structure, which no only achieve faster and high-efficient preform-unscrambled and preform-loading, but also improving the stability of the whole machine running process. There is a sensor installed in the preform down-track, when the preform track lack of preform, the preform will be delivered into the preform-unscrambled system from the hopper automatically. And the one-way preform-inserted design can solve the preform-blocked and preform abrasion problem.
2.2 Servo preform-divided system:
Preform are divided equidistance by servo motor. The stroke and speed of servo motor are easy adjusted through the HMI. All complicated process are done by digitization, safe, fast and accurate. Compare with the traditional server-ways preform-divided, cylinder type preform-divided etc, the servo motor control one-way preform-divided, speed is more faster and position is more accurate.
2.3 Intelligent heating system:
Preform are heated by infrared lamps which make the preform stretching more equably and higher transparency. With the help of imported reflective mirror aluminum plate, the heat energy of lamps are took full advantage of; heating time is shorter ; lower power consumption and improving the production capacity. The temperature of each lamp of every layer can be adjusted up and down, forward and backward individuality according to different preforms. Intelligent ventilation system keeps the oven temperature inside constantly.
2.4 Servo mold-clamping system:
The mold-clamping system is drove by servo motor and mechanical connecting rods. The molds and bottom mold are clamped synchronously through servo motor. High-pressure mold-locked by the high-pressure pressurized plates behind the mold framework which can reduce visibility of the bottle clamping line effectively and ensure the bottle quality. Drawer type mold structure design, easy mold exchange, skillful engineer can finish the mold exchange in half an hour.
2.5 Servo stretching system:
The servo motor drives the gear rack to stretching. With our developed photoelectric and mechanical limits these two double security, the stretching rods can not hit the bottom mold. The pre-blowing and 2nd blowing cycle time can be adjusted individually in the HMI according to different preform and bottle design. The stretching rods can be adjusted automatically, high flexibility.
2.6Auto lubrication system:
Fully auto lubrication system supply lubricate oil to every moving parts of the mold-clamping system in setting time and quantity, accurate oil inject, same inject quantity to avoiding the oil pollute the machine. Also saving manpower, easy operation. Machines are the supporter of the industry production. Good lubrication for machines can reduce the abrasion, improve production efficiency and saving energy.                                   
2.7 HMI operation system:
Our blow molders are high intelligence, easy operation. Chinese-English language color touch screen, with perfect monitoring sense setting, troubleshooting display, auto calculating report, memory store etc. function. You can control the machine production situation all the time. 
2.8 Chilled/cooling water recycle system:
Our self-developed heating bases cooling setting ensure the heating bases cooling effect after the bottle-blowing. There are coolant gallery installed inside the oven which use to cut off the heat from the lamps during the preform-heating. The cooling air system under the coolant gallery protests the neck finish from deformation. The chilled water connect to the mold, cool down the mold rapidly and improve the machine production efficiency.
2.9 Standardize spare parts and quality electric components:
Most of our spare parts meet the international production standard. The standard parts are produced in bulk in our CNC machining center and put into use after strictly inspection by our QC department. These high quality standardize parts ensure the stability and reliably of our machines and reduce the maintenance cost. The motors, PLC, cylinder, solenoid valves, electric parts and blowing valves etc key components of our machines are use quality products of China and international famous brands.
2. Main electric component list
No.                   Name Origin Brand
Electric/control component
1 Mold-clamping servo motor Japan YASKAWA
2 Stretching servo motor
3 Main transmission servo motor
4 Preform-divided serve motor
5 Servo driverButton
6 Air switch France SCHNEIDER (TE)
7 Contactor
8 Intermediate relay Japan OMRON
10 PLC expand module
11 Touch screen Taiwan Panel
1 Pre-blowing valve USA PARKER
2 2nd blowing valve
3 Exhaust valve
4 One-way valve
5 Pressurizing mold-locked motion valve
6 Step chain Taiwan KMC
7 Mold-clamping lead rail Taiwan ABBA
Remarks: all above component are imported with original packaging. Longsun has the right to change the default parameter according to the marketing change or customer special requirement without further notification, a 5% change of the equivalent parameter will be allowable against the marketing trend and the spare parts supply condition!)


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