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Automatic KN95 Face Mask Making Machine

The workers will feed the material to the plates,the machine will Ultrasonic form the mask automatically,print the LOGO and then weld the left & right ear loop,Automatic stick the labels,automatic folding,Automatic Ultrasonic folding weld,final cutting,then to the final products conveyor for packing line.
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KN95 face mask machine KN95 mask machine drawing

No 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
ITEM Feed Mechanism Tape Feed Forming Print LOGO Left & Right Ear Loop Welding Stick Label Folding Station Folding Welding Material Cutting
REMARK Material Conjugate mechanism Ultrasonic Laser
/Ink Jet
Ultrasonic Automatic Automatic Ultrasonic Cutting Die
N95 face mask drawing
1.  Basic Information
1)  Equipment Dimension: 91 00mm(L)× 176 0mm(W)×1 92 0mm(H)
2)  Equipment Color: Standard warm gray 1C (Customizable)
3)  Equipment Weight: 3 000kg; Ground Supporting
4)  Power Supply: AC  220 V±5, 50Hz; Power: about 18 Kw
5)  Compressed air: 0.50.7 MPA; Usage: about 300L/min
6)  Environment Requirement: Temperature 1035 ; Humidity 5-35%HR;
No flammable, corrosive gas, no du st (Cleanliness of not less than 100,000).
Producing Pro cess
4-6 layers of the entire roll of fabric are unrolled and then combined by rollers. The nose bridge is rolled and unrolled. It is cut into lengths and then introduced into the hemming fabric. It is embossed, welded, rolled, welded, and printed. The belt and fabric are folded mechanically, then ultrasonically sealed sideways, and cut and shaped by a hob. The final product is unloaded through a conveyor belt, and the waste is collected by a collection roller next to it.
2.  Main Components
No. Component组件 Qty. Remark
1 Material unwinding device 6
2 Nose clip unwinding device 1
3 Nose clip cutting device 1
4 · Material edges folding device 1
5 · Ear loop welding device 2
7 · Material folding device 1
8 Material edges sealing device 1
9 Material cutting device 1
10 Transfer line 1
13 Waster material transfer line 1
12 Control system 1
13 Control panel 1

2.1.  Raw Material Specification
N95 mask layers(from outside to inner side)
Out side 40g/m⊃2; PP nonwoven  
76.2 600
Pearl wool 50g/m⊃2; PP nonwoven 76.2 600
Melt blown fabric/Activated carbon fiber cloths 23g/m⊃2; KN99 MBPP 76.2 600
Melt blown fabric 23g/m⊃2; KN100 MBPP 76.2 600
Inner side 40g/m⊃2; PP nonwoven 76.2 400
N95 mask accessories Nose bridge bar 4mm twice core

Ear loop 4-8mm

1.  Production Capacity
1)  Productivity 35 - 55 p cs/ m in;
2)  Production Pass RateMore than 9 5 % (except unacceptable raw material and wrong operation)
3)  Equipment Failure Rate: 5% (refers to faults caused by the equipment itself )
2.  Electrical component
No. Electrical parts Brand品牌 Remark备注
1 Air cylinder AirTAC; CHELIC To catch up with delivery time, the electrical component brand will probably be changed because of short supply in the extraordinary times.
The brands can be determined through communication and negotiation with clients.
2 Solenoid valve AirTAC
3 Servo motor Siemens
4 Motion Controller Siemens
5 Bearing HIWIN; PMI
6  Linear guide STAF; PMI; CPC
7 Optical fiber; Amplifier Omron; Panasonic
8 Touch screen Siemens
9 Relay Schneider
10 Button Schneider
3.  Spare part & Tool
No. Item Specification Quantity Remark
1 Toolbox \ 1 For commissioning


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