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Automatic filling machine maintenance experience

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Yufeng Machinery is a technology-based enterprise specializing in the production of liquid filling equipment. We have gathered a group of multi-disciplinary professionals who have accumulated a lot of experience in the research and development, production, and maintenance of automatic filling machines. Let me share with you our machine maintenance experience:12.26

1. Drain the water in the gas-water separator of the automatic liquid filling machine regularly.

2. Always add oil to the automatic filling machine oil mist machine, and the amount of oil is only two-thirds of the cup.

3. The filter and water storage cup of the gas-water separator of the filling machine should be cleaned regularly. The filter element must be cleaned in mineral oil and then dried with compressed air.

4. The sealing ring on the discharge piston of the liquid filling machine and the lower end of the discharge cylinder should be checked regularly. If the degree of wear is high, it should be replaced in time.

5. No foreign matter should be mixed into the filling, otherwise it may cause inaccurate discharge, unqualified batches of finished products, and damage to parts.

6. In order to keep the stainless steel body of the automatic filling machine smooth and durable, please do not scrape the paint and smooth surfaces with sharp sharp tools. If it is polluted, wipe it with a special detergent.

7. The cylinder of the automatic filling machine has been lubricated before leaving the factory, please do not open the cylinder or add any lubricating oil.

8. Ideal and convenient automatic filling machine , its one-way valve, stainless steel three-way, and the material tank should be easily washed and replaced.


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