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Beer filling machine

When you want to fill craft beer, black beer, draft beer into bottle or cans.

Bottled beer filling machine specification:

● Filling speed:1000-20000 bottle per hour.
● Can be applied to plastic bottle, glass bottle, steel bottle and aluminum bottle.
● Professional beer filling valve, double vacuum.
● Can apply to crown cap and pull-up cap.

Canned beer filling machine specification:

● Balance pressure filling for small scale filling model.
● Professional can beer filling valve for high speed filling model. Use replacement model, to replace the air inside cans with nitrogen or CO2. Keep beer away from oxidation and improve beer freshness and good taste.
● Filling speed: 1000-20000 can per hour.
● Automatic lubrication system.
● Can be connected directly to CIP cleaning system to clean the filling machine.
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