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Beverage mechanical fault solution

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Beverage machinery in the market develops more and more rapidly, gradually applied in various industries and enterprises, and create good living conditions for us.Filling equipment is important,  both for the enterprise and the consumer ,they are indispensable, but once the failure occures,it will cause a certain loss for enterprises and consumers, and even disastrous, so enterprise in choosing a beverage machinery should have common sense and simple solution to a certain extent, reduce the damage to a minimum.

The main manifestations and solutions of beverage machinery failure are as follows:

1, beverage machinery does not work?

Reason: 1. Check the power cord 2. Check the fuse (the solution is to burn it out and replace it) 3.Stuff plug the pipe (remove stuff) 4, the pump is not working (contact with the factory)

2. Mechanical equipment can't stop working?

Reasons: 1. Setting error (check the setting of "filling time") 2. Uncountable display (contact the factory)

3. Are there bubbles in the tube during filling?

Reasons: 1. Leakage of the joint (check the joint)2. Insufficient raw materials (supplement raw materials)

4.There are continuous bubbles in the discharging pipe when the machine is shut down

Reason: 1. There are sundries in the backcheck valve (remove and wash the backcheck valve)

5. The filling head drips

Reasons: 1. The filling head is not vertical (install the filling head vertically); 2. The liquid proportion is too small (replace the small filling head); 3.Improper use of material in and out pipe (select suitable hose).


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