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Correct usage of carbonated beverage production line

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Carbonated drinks market development, fleeting, is to use the fastest speed to integrate into the market environment, to grasp the development opportunities and win the market.And now, the use of Carbonated drinks production lines has become widely available, which is another sunny day for the filling machine industry.However, in the process of use by many manufacturers, there are always many problems , and even the production of the equipment will be suspended, resulting in serious damage to the enterprise benefits and the filling machine itself. How to properly use and operate the production line of carbonated drinks?

In fact, for the operation and use of the filling machine, it is very simple. As long as the operation rules of the equipment are strictly followed, many unnecessary troubles can be avoided, the production efficiency of the enterprise can be effectively improved, and the service life of the filling machine can be well extended.First of all, before using the filling machine, it is necessary to open the box to check whether the whole machine is in good condition, whether the electrical components are neat, whether all the lines are firmly connected, and whether there is no sundry in the hopper.In this way, equipment damage and production stagnation can be avoided during the operation of equipment.

Then, the filling machine should be electrified for inspection and the main power switch of the filling machine should be turned on. After the power is switched on, the three-phase four-wire 380V must be connected to the zero wire.First, check whether the reducer veer is correct. The veer should be in the direction marked by the mixer transmission chain. If not, please switch on the connector of the power cord.Secondly, the blender switch of the filling machine should be started. Check that the driving direction is in line with the arrow. Press the work switch to start the photoelectric sensor after it is correct, and pour the material into the hopper and start the blender after the normal procedure.Since the filling machine is based on volumetric measurement, there is a filling process at the beginning, because a container with a large capacity should be placed on the work table before starting filling. The user can adjust the filling amount by themselves through the amount of filling.In the process of adjustment ,do adjust according to the instructions to avoid damage to the equipment or product filling waste.


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