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Energy Saving Beer Tunnel Pastuerizer

The principle is: Conveyor brings bottles into the cooling tunnel, there will be cooling water generated from side holding tanks to spray by spray nozzles on the top of tunnel onto passing bottles. With heat exchange principle, the bottles temperature will be low down to normal room temperature to increase product shelf time.
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The principle is: Conveyor brings bottles into the cooling tunnel, there will be cooling water generated from side holding tanks to spray by spray nozzles on the top of tunnel onto passing bottles. With heat exchange principle, the bottles temperature will be low down to normal room temperature to increase product shelf time.
The water tank temperature zone will be finalized according to capacity request. The pump system will send water in and out.
All body material is high quality SUS304; The transportation is by engineering plastic chain.
The machine can be used for cooling bottle packed hot filling juice and warming bottle packed carbonated drink. The machine can be switched to carbonated drink warming sterilizer by change inter coming liquid source.
High efficiency blow dryer can be set at the end of the tunnel to make bottles completely dry before labeling. It will make labeling more convenient.
1, It can be used for various of bottle shapes and volumes;
2, Easy construction for easy maintenance;
3, Speed adjustable;
4, Transparent glass window at entrance and end will make clear of view if any problem happening inside tunnel and open able top will help for easy problem solving;
5, therecycle water system will help for reducing water consumption;
6, engineering plastic chain can be both cold and heat resistant; it can prolong machine life time. Conveyor is by high intensity plastic chain belt, is with high intensity, acid resistant, rot resistant and abrasion resistant.
7, Spray angel can be 360°adjustable; spray to every position of bottles averagely, it will make full use of spray water and it will increase spray area. Spraying nozzles is from Spraying systems-USAspray averagely
8, ABB motor drivesMitsubishi transduceroperation stablyMain motor is with overload protection, can protect conveyor and conveying devices safely. Main driver adopts stepless motor, conveyor speed is changed freely.


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