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How to clean beverage machinery

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Now, with the advancement of technology, mechanized equipment is widely used. The emergence of beverage machinery has saved us a lot of manpower and material resources, improved our work efficiency, and brought more profits to manufacturers. We use beverage filling machine equipment to ensure that the products are hygienic and safe. We need to clean it.


The cleaning steps of beverage machinery are as follows:

1. First, spray the bottles or bags used in the beverage machine with aseptic water.

2. Beverage machinery is scrubbed and disinfected with special detergent and disinfectant.

3. After washing, the beverage machinery and equipment must be clean and tasteless inside and outside, free of lye and other detergents, and must pass the microbiological test.

4. The personnel of the beverage machinery and equipment must be sterilized in a sterile and clean room before they can be used.


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