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Juice Pasteurizing Tunnel

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Conveyor brings bottles into the cooling tunnel / warming tunnel, there will be cooling water / warm water generated from side holding tanks to spray by spray nozzles on the top of tunnel onto passing bottles. With heat exchange principle, the bottles temperature will be low down to normal room temperature to increase product shelf time.

Inverse sterilizing machine: Mainly applied in juice filling line (hot filling machine). It will help to sterilize bottle mouth and cap by hot juice itself;
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Processing type Cooling tunnel
Capacity 56-65BPM
Product Plastic bottled yogurt
Total length 40 meters (it will be designed in 4 sections; each length will be 5 meters)
Belt width 2 meters
Temperature zone 2 zones (temperature adjustable)
Temperature zone 1 Cooling from 27° to 12°
Temperature zone 2 Cooling from 12° to 4-8°
Heating exchanger (suggest) 35m2 * 2sets
Cooling time 2 hours
Water tank 2m3 * 4pc
Main motor power 7.5kw * 2sets
Water pump 3Kw * 4sets
Chiller inlet temperature (suggest) 5 degrees centigrade
Chiller outlet temperature (suggest) 0 degree centigrade
Ambient temperature (Suggest) 35 degrees centigrade


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