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Melt Down Fabric Extrusion Machine Line

This equipment is used for the production of melt-jet nonwovens. PP polypropylene as the main raw material, supplemented by color masterbatch and antioxidants, electrostatic elecelects, flame retardant additives, the production of different colors, different functions of melt-blown nonwovens. Products are widely used in industrial felt, industrial absorbent cloth, industrial sound-proof cotton, industrial high-efficiency filtration materials, etc.
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2. Main technical parameters:
2.1 requirements for melting spray section of high melting finger:
2.1.1 melting index of molten spray section: 1200 ~ 1800±100g/10min
2.1.2 ash in melted spray sections: < 250ppm
2.1.3 melt spray section moisture: < 0.2%
2.2 finished product width: 380-820mm (g weight: 25 g/ m2 or above)
2.3 fusible spray fiber diameter: 1 ~ 6um
Standard output of 2.4m finished cloth: db-380mm180kg/day, db-600mm320kg/day, db-800mm420kg/day (for ordinary M melt spraying cloth above 25g/m2, the output of electret products is relatively lower than that of conventional products due to the influence of the processing capacity of electret equipment on the production speed.)
2.5m finished fabric specification: 20 ~ 70g/m2
2.6 melt-blown screw specification: 45 x 32 Φ separated type (screw) Φ 50 x 32 separated type (screw) Φ 65 x 32 separated type (screw)
2.7 number of melting and spraying die: 1
2.8 working power supply: AC380V ±5% 50Hz
3. Equipment composition and main parameters
3.1 melt spraying spinning system
3.1.1 screw extruder (separate screw
1 set of melt injection die head
3.1.2 one set of hot air heating device
Adopt electric heating, including electric heater, hot air duct and hose.
3.1.3 hot air draft air source
The domestic air compressor + air storage tank + air heater is adopted to make the hot air temperature and pressure more stable and efficient.
3.2 one receiving device
3.3 pressing device (optional) 1 set
3.4 one online electrostatic electret treatment device
3.5 one set of online winding and cutting system
3.6 electrical control system
Adopt all kinds of imported frequency converters in the equipment such as screw extruder, blower, receiving device and rewinding machine in the field general control production line to communicate with the temperature control module of the production line through the communication converter.
3.7 utility equipment
3.7.1 one set of industrial heating furnace (supplied by the customer)
3.7.2 one set of assembling and disassembling tools for melting and spraying components
3.7.3 one set of small mixer (supplied by the customer)
Scope of supply of equipment
4.1 fusion-jet spinning system
No Item / Qty Spec
1 Screw extruder
1set Screw dia:Φ45mmΦ50mmΦ65mm
2 Mold
1set Mold width: 380mm/600mm/800mm
3 Hot wind device
1set Including compressor, tank, air heater, soft pipe, air pipe, valve, heat keeping device
4 Feeding system
4.2 other machinery needed
No. Item Qty spec /
1 Online electrostatic electret 1set
2 Online cutting device 1set
3 Industrial mold heating cleaner 1set Mold and filter cleaning Prepared by client
4 Small mixer 1set Pallet mixing Prepared by client
5. The buyer is responsible for the scope.
5.1 power supply: 380V, 50Hz.
5.2 power cables and Bridges of low-voltage distribution cabinet and low-voltage distribution cabinet to electric control cabinet, etc.
5.3 pipe insulation and water pipe insulation (pipes shall be provided by the seller).
5.4 cranes and forklifts needed for unloading and loading.
5.5 all kinds of lubricating oil, grease and heat conducting oil.
5.6 laboratory equipment, etc.
6. Details of the main technical documents provided by the seller
6.1 product specification and general layout
6.2 equipment installation diagram
6.3 technical data required for project design
schematic diagram of equipment footing (including load-bearing)
device orifice azimuth diagram
6.4 electrical design data
Electrical equipment schematic diagram, wiring diagram, grounding system and layout.
electrical process control system specification, layout, grounding requirements, program control flow chart.


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