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Milkshake Filling Machine

This machine is used for milk filling using plastic bottle. can also customzid for glass bottle.
  • RCGF12-12-4
  • 8422301090
The equipment is used in production of milk and milk ddrink packed in polyester bottles. Washing, filling and capping are integrated in one machine.
Machine design scientific and reasonable, appearance, complete functions, operations.Easy maintenance, high degree of automation.
1) Bottle is entered by air conveyor, the speed of bottle entering is fast and bottle shape is not changed because of adopting hanging clamping bottle neck way.
2) Adopting clamping bottle neck way to wash bottle mouth and avoid touching screw mouth, adopting clamping bottle neck way in the whole conveying process. When bottle type changes, you only need to change the board related with bottle diameter.
3) Opening valve is driven by cylinder. High filling speed and mass flow rate, high precision of filling value and control of liquid level is accurate and without loss.
4) The capping system applies advanced French technology, when clamp the cap will immediately and magnetic torque type capping head
1.intelligent contact screen, human design, easy operation. 
2. Imported filling valve, avoiding drop leaking, accurate filling quantity. 
3. Program logic controller (PLC), easy for changing size or modifying parameters. 
4. Pneumatic elements are all imported, stability and reliability. 
5.Accurate liquid sensing, automatically adding liquid, ordinary pressure flow passage parameters 
6.Solely and specially-designed whole lifting device, easy governing to meet the needs of all kinds of container packing 
7.Photo-electric sensing and pneumatic linking control, automatic protection for shortage of bottle. 
8. Pneumatic executive control valve, high efficiency and safety. Each flow passage can be separately governed and cleaned. 
9. Close positioning design, easy governing, suitable for packing of all sizes of bottles. 
10. The whole machine is designed according to requirements of buyer's.  

Technical parameter
Model Capacity Bottle Cap Air consume Power Weight Dimensions
(b/h) Dia(mm) Height(mm) Capacity(ml) m3/m (Kw) (Kg) (mm)
RCGF  12-12-4 4000 Φ50-Φ100 150-320 330-1500 Plastic screw cap 0.2 4.6 2500 2350*1700*2150
RCGF  18-18-6 6000 Φ50-Φ100 150-320 330-1500 0.4 5.4 3800 1830*2030*2030
RCGF  24-24-8 8000 Φ50-Φ100 150-320 330-1500 0.4 6.4 5200 3220*2300*2600
RCGF  32-32-8 12000 Φ50-Φ100 150-320 330-1500 0.5 8.07 6500 3450*2510*2710
RCGF   40-40-10 15000 Φ50-Φ100 150-320 330-1500 0.55 9.56 8000 3800*2800*2710
RCGF  50-50-12 18000 Φ50-Φ100 150-320 330-1500 0.6 11.18 11200 4510*3400*2900



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Address: Zhenbei Road, Leyu Town, Zhangjiagang City, Suzhou, 
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