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Rotary Adhesive Sticker Bottle Labeling Machine

this machine is applied for bottle labeling machine, used for adhesive sticker label, speed from 3000 to max 36000 bottle per hour. can customzie both for square and round bottle, volume from 50ml to 10L bottle.
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1 Equipment constitutes
Amainframservo system
 Siemens  servo drive system
 Siemens  motion controller
 Germany Schneide Touch-screen
Japan SUNX  Digital Color Mark Sensor
Japan SUNX  Detection Sensor for coating adhesive
Japan SUNX  Photoelectric  Sensor
Japan  KYENESE  Pressure Sensor
B: Mechanical parks
Transportation institution:  TRANSTECNO motor 750w (with deceleration by TRANSTECNO ), inverter speed control
Conveyor:  Italy  FLEXON  LF820-K325 industrial nylon chain plate conveyor
Mainframe transportation institution : TRANSTECNO  AC motor 1.5Kw (with deceleration by TRANSTECNO)
Sub bottle institution:  industrial worm sub bottle institution
Into bottle institution: with worm sub bottle institution and starwheel position feeding institution to ensure the accuracy  and stability of loading
Position institution:  Mechanical pre-location , using the camwheel institution to planish the bottle for label positioning
Labeling institution:  Containers are pick up by rotary wheel ,labeling during the rotation.
Supply label institution:  high speed servo sticker label supply system (drive by servo-motor)
Pressing label institution:  Arc brush unit
Guided bottle institution:  adjust by double coordinate section guide rail
2、Safety part of the machine
Safety protection: In order to keep the operator safety ,when the machine is running please close the protective doors
Lack of label alarm: Set an alarm to remind the operator to change the label when the label will be use out
Lack of bottle alarm: When lack of the bottle the machine will stop and make an alarm .The machine will restart automatically as soon as the bottles have been put that will facilitate on-line production
Leak of labeling alarm: To control the quality of labeling
Pressure testing : When the pressure can not meet the equipment requirement ,the machine will stop to against bad products produce
3、Method of Operation
The containers are picked up by the infeed starwheel and transferred to the container table. The container rotation begins when they are positioned between container plates and centering bells.
The speed of the feed roller is adjusted to the required label length for continuous web tension. A standard threading unit ensures optimal film feed. In the label feed unit, the labels are feed while a PLC command and servo-motor provide an exact supply.
As the container is rotated during label transfer, labels are applied tightly.
Process:  Infeed bottle → pre-position →label feed →body labelface label →neck label→ finish
序号 配件名称
Place of production
1 送标伺服电机Servo motor
Siemens Germany 1 750W
2 送标伺服驱动器Servo drive
Siemens Germany 1 750W
3 丹佛斯变频器Inverter Danfosss
Denmark 3
4 空气开关Switch Merlin
断路器Breaker TE France 1
继电器Relay Omron
Japan 24V
Emergency stop switch
TE France
开关电源Power 明纬 Taiwan 6A
控制电缆Control cable

10 PLCProgrammable Controller
Germany 2
11 人机界面(11英寸真彩) Schneider Germany 1 MT4300C
12 报警灯Warning lights
Q-Light Korea

13 光纤线Fiber Cable
KYENESE Japan 光电开关
14 光纤放大器Fiber amplifier
KYENESE Japan 数字显示调节
15 标签检测电眼Electric eye test
Lion USA Lion2100
16 主输送带电机Motor
17 主输送带电机减速机 TRANSTECNOO Italy
1 1:15减速机
18 分瓶电机1:50乐声波箱 Pansonic(松下) Japan 1
19 整型1:30乐声波箱 Pansonic(松下) Japan 1
20 不锈钢材料Stainless steel



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