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Safe operation of beverage canning production line

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The fruit juice beverage filling production line is a machine for filling beverages. Using juice beverage filling production line to fill beverages can greatly increase the filling efficiency, but when operating the machine, pay attention to safety.

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Before use, a test run should be performed to observe whether the three-phase motor is running in the correct direction, whether the pressure of the filling machine is normal, whether the motor and bearings are operating normally, and whether lubricating oil is needed. At the same time, pay attention to whether the fasteners of each part of the beverage filling production line are loose.

The beverage filling production line can be used only after passing the inspection. Pay attention to whether the safety equipment functions normally.

Before restarting after each shutdown, check whether the water tank, chain plate, conveyor belt, storage box cover, etc. are abnormal. At the same time, pay attention to whether the water source, power source, and air source are connected. After checking the equipment for obstructions.

Then turn on the main power QF, the power indicator is on, the fault indicator and the emergency stop indicator are off, you can press the start button on the operation control box and the start switch at the filling station to start the overall operation of the machine. To stop the operation of the machine, you need to press the stop button of the filling position and the control box. After shutting down, turn off the main power supply.

In the complete beverage filling production line, the operation control box is used as the equipment to control the beverage filling production line. In the past, the design or application of the operation control box was generally a large-size box design.

This is mainly for safety reasons, so as to prevent the staff from causing safety accidents due to the performance problems of the operation control box of the juice beverage filling production line.


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