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Small Scale Soda Canning Machine Line

The soda filling machine(Aluminum can )is consist of filling,capping part.Can filling,capping can be carried out on the same machine.The machine is suitable for carbonated beverage such as beer, carbonated soft drink, energy drink, etc. It is equipped the advanced device, electrical equipment, and pneumatic control technology.
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It has the characteristics of high speed, liquid level control, cap seaming reliably, frequency conversion timing, no liquid split out. It can be equipped long-distance control system.
This is the small speed model suitable equipment for the medium production, beer, soft drink and other beverage plant. 2,000CPH
Liquid tank, filling valve and filling all parts and touch material parts, are made of food grade stainless steel 304, and all interfaces are sealed with a ventilated pipe, and all sensor interfaces on the jar are made of butterfly valves. Not only has good corrosion resistance, and easy to clean
As the can is easy to get deformed, soft handleling is needed in the transferring process. The conveying system regulates the transferring speed according to the each machines working condition to assure no bottle falling or crashing, it remains a steady smooth running speed.



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