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Small beer juice beverage production line

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1, Principle of beer filling machinery:beer filling machine

The beer filling process is quite mature.It's basically divided into seven parts.

The filling machine revolves around the filling process. The working principle of the beer filling machine is as follows: the clean bottles from the bottle washing machine are fed into the bottle screw of the filling machine by the bottle feeding belt, then sent  and raised to the cylinder of the supporting bottle of the rotary table by the bottle feeding star wheel.

One: Fruit juice beverage production line: this series of equipment is integrated with washing, filling and sealing. It is suitable for hot filling production of various fruit juice drinks and tea drinks, and can be used for filling pure water and mineral water by changing a few parts at the same time.The output is 3000-36000 bottles per hour, available for users to choose.Advanced micro negative pressure gravity filling principle, filling fast, stable, accurate, with a perfect material reflux system,  also can realize the reflux independent gas, no contact with the material, reduce material secondary pollution and oxidation.This machine can meet the technical requirements of hot filling below 95℃, the filling valve and the material in and out of the pipeline have no sanitary dead angle, at the same time equipped with CIP self-cleaning interface, before sealing equipped with RO water washing device on the bottle mouth, to ensure no mildew phenomenon on the bottle mouth.The magnetic torque type is used to twist the cap to realize the functions of grasping the cap and twisting the cap.The capping torque is stepless adjustable, with the function of sealing plastic cap with constant torque.Beer filling machinery adopts advanced technologies such as human-machine interface touch screen control, PLC computer program control and frequency converter control.It has the functions of automatic control of cover supply system, automatic detection of filling temperature, high temperature alarm of materials, low temperature stop and automatic reflux, no bottle without cover, waiting witout bottle , stop without cover and so on.

juice filliing machineTwo: Small fruit juice beverage production line:

Small juice beverage machinery is mainly used in beverage filling operations.The machine combines the three functions of washing, filling and capping into one body, and the whole process is automatic. It is suitable for filling carbonate drinks in polyester bottles and plastic bottles. The applicable bottle shape adjustment of each part is realized by turning the handle, which is easy and convenient.The filling method adopts the new atmospheric pressure filling, which makes the filling speed faster and more stable, so the output of this machine is higher and the benefit is bigger than that of the same specification machine.This machine adopts the advanced Mitsubishi programmable controller to control the automatic operation of the machine. The air feed is adopted in the bottle feeding chain, which is coordinated with the main frequency converter to make the bottle feeding operation more stable and reliable.Photoelectric detection of the running state of each component,  high degree of automation, easy to operate.On this basis, the sealing method can be selected with aluminum metal anti-theft cover and plastic cover.It is the ideal equipment for beverage manufacturers to choose juice production line .

Water treatment equipment :1.quartz sand filter 2,activated carbon filter 3,sodium ion filter 4,precision filter 5, first class reverse osmosis 6,pure water storage tank.Juice production line 

Ingredients and sterilization equipment:1, Steam sugar pot (electric heating sugar pot cost electricity) 2,Ingredients pot: add clarified juice and other additives in order to configure the final product.3,Double filter: Filter impurities added during the batching process.4,Vacuum degassing machine: it can prevent oxidized juice, bubble and other problems during filling, and ensure the quality of juice drinks.(5) Ultra-high temperature instantaneous sterilization machine: sterilization time in a few seconds, the maximum extent to maintain the flavor and nutrition of juice drinks.Cold and hot cylinder: Preheat, prevent the beverage temperature in the hot filling process under 85℃ or so (hot filling temperature) and reflux.Juice production line.

Beverage filling and packaging equipment (1)bottle blowing machine (2)  bottle on the platform (if large amount ,use automatic unscramble bottle machine), (3) beverage filling machine (including cover machine, apparatus, bottle disinfection cabinet, if large output ,use on-line cap alexipharmic ark) (4) light inspection equipment (5) drying machine: dry the bottle , easy for labeling (6)label machine (according to the bottle type, also can use labeling machine) 7,spurt code machine: registration date of production .Fully automatic membrane machine: final assembly packaging of fruit juice drinks .The company not only provides fruit juice production line equipment, but also provides complete carbonated beverage production line, purified water production line, bottled water production line, cans production line and so on.


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