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Ultra Filtration Mineral Water Filtration Machine

Mineral water processing machine is one of the part in mineral water treatment system basing on the water quality of clients. It is widely applied to the separation, concentration and purification of substances.
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Working principle
Mineral water processing machine is based on the pressure-driven membrane separation processes, through a micro-porous filter on the membrane surface to trap particles between 0.002 to 0.1μm in diameter and impurities, which can effectively remove colloid, silicon, proteins, microorganisms and macromolecular organic compounds in the water.
- The mineral water processing machine process needs no transformation, no heating, operated at room temperature,;
- Saving energy, especially suitable for separation of heat sensitive materials.
- The mineral water processing machine is simple, requiring less supporting devices, with simple operation and low maintenance costs.

Item Description Item Description
1 Booster pump 6 Backing washing control valve
2 Pressure gauge 7 Electric control system
3 Solenoid valve 8 Washing chemical tank
4 UF membrane 9 Flow meter
5 Stainless steel  / UPVC pipe connection 10 UV sterilizer
Technical data

Water output 1 T/H 2 T/H 3 T/H
PH value 2-13
Working temperature 5-45 degree centigrade
Working pressure ≧ 0.15
Membrane 8040/4040
Dimension 800*830*1650 1080*830*1650 1200*830*1650
Weight 60 120 150
General flow chart
                                                               Ion rebirth device
Raw water source > booster pump > quartz sand filter > active carbon filter > water softener > Cartridge filter > ultra filtration equipment > UV sterilizer > pure water storage tank < ozone machine



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