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By first analysis of original water quality report and clients’ output water quality requirement data base, we can customize the most suitable water treatment solutions. Whether to get spring water or pure water decides the core of water treatment device to be Hollow Ultrafiltration or Reverse Osmosis. 

Mainly the water treatment system is divided into 3 parts: Multi filtration, UF/RO unit and ultra purification unit. RO/UF is the core of the system. 
Sample Flow chart
By firstly discussing with clients of their ideal bottle designs, including: material, preform weight, bottle neck diameter, color, resistant temperature and thickness. We will determine the suitable bottle design for clients.

After bottle design confirm, following is discussing the most suitable mold structure. Also by clients’ different requirements of bottle blowing speed and suitable bottle volume types, we offer different customized blow molding machine system. Do all mold and machine quality checking and running tests till clients and ourselves both be satisfied with the system.
With our newest technology of Monoblock filling machine, you can greatly reduce the electricity consumption and liquid usage. After confirming with clients’ production capacity requirements, we will suggest the most suitable model to meet with clients’ different focusing points.

Mainly we have 2 models:
Normal speed Monoblock filling machine: cost is relatively lower, suitable for tight budget clients with smaller capacity production request.
High speed Monoblock filling machine: cost is relatively higher, suitable for loose budget clients with bigger capacity production request and who has strict quality standards.

High food safety grade: Stainless steel AISI 316L for all components in contact with your beverage
Production flexibility: PET bottle sizes ranging from 200 ml to 2 L, same bottle neck diameter with flexible height and shape design
Optimal uptime: 30 % reduction in changeover and maintenance downtime
Sustainable solution: Reduced filler enclosure and motor with clutches reduce resource consumption.
By Flexible labeling solutions to give your product a memorable look!!
Spends on different product design, we provide mainly 4 types of labeling: sleeve labeling/ hot melt OPP labeling/ sticker labeling/ paper labeling.
At the same time, we provide label designing and label supply chain for clients to do easy one stop purchasing.
After bottles been filled and labeled, for market sales, will be requiring also packing, mainly is PE film shrink wrapping and carton box sealing system.

A> PE film shrink wrapping: 2 models, semi-automatic and fully-automatic, aiming for different production capacity.
B> Carton box sealing system: dropping type carton boxing/ catching type carton boxing/ one-piece hot melt glue carton boxing system, aiming for different degree of automation.
Once your packaged product is ready to continue across the supply chain, efficiency during storage and transportation is important. As bottles and packs vary in format and size, it is important that conveying and palletizing handles a variety of products, packs and layer patterns. For further fully automation, we can provide clients automatic palletizer system.
Once your water line production and efficiency targets are reached, the goal is to maintain and even improve these levels for years to come. With our dedicated New Crown Services team and our engineer support, you can lower costs and increase the value of your beverage production for long-term success.
●   Access 24/7 New Crown support and live-video diagnosis
●   Predict and resolve issues in advance
●   Monitor performance and provide fastest downtime maintenance 
●   Order New Crown original spare parts online for increased uptime and reliability
●   Get training on-site, online with our engineer team available for overseas service
●   Improve production to new demands
●   Continuously adjustment for new products, recipes or packaging



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