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Beer Filling Machine

12000BPH Beer bottle filling line
Glass bottle beer filling packing production line
Are you still worried about how to fill beer accurately and quickly? YFilling Beer Filling Machine is your best choice!

Currently, the mainstream machines on the market include Glass Bottle Beer Filling Machine, Beer Canning Maching, and Beer Keg Filling Machine. We can also customize Beer Filling Machine according to your requirements.

If you are new to the beer business, we will provide you with customized one-stop solutions (plant design, layout, machine selection (bottle washing machine, filling machine, sealing machine, labeling machine, packing machine), post maintenance, etc.).

Our goal: durable, efficient production

Want more details about Beer Filling Machine? Please contact us as soon as possible, we will find the best solution for you.

Popular Beer Filling Machine

If you havIe any requiremsnts, please feel free to contact us.

Advantage of Beer Filling Machine

  • Easy operation 
  • Full stainless steel structure
  • Double vacuum to remain Low Oxygen rate during filling
  • Multi-time pre-washing can be customized for increase cleanness
  • Automatic lubrication
  • Steady beer feeding control
  • Long shelf life Igus industrial gearing sets
  • Precise capping with easy cap sorting
  • CIP washing circle with force valve open cleaning mode

Details of Beer Filling Machine


Specifications of Beer Filling Machine

Model Production
(Bottle / hour)
Number of bottles Number of filling heads Number of capping heads Applicable bottle size  power
(Main motor)
Dimensions equipment weight
diameter height
BCGF 6-6-1 300 bottles / hour 6 6 1 30-90mm 100-320mm 2kw 1250*1200*2000
BCGF 12-12-4 1200 bottles / hour 12 12 4 30-90mm 100-320mm 2.2kw 1950*1800*2200
BCGF 18-18-6 1800 bottles / hour 18 18 6 30-90mm 100-320mm 3kw 2250*1950*2200
BCGF 24-24-8 2500 bottles / hour 24 24 8 30-90mm
100-320mm 4kw 2750*2250*2200
BCGF 32-32-10 5000-6000 bottles / hour 32 32 10 30-90mm 100-320mm 5kw 3250*2450*2200
BCGF 40-40-12 8000 bottles / hour 40 40 12 30-90mm 100-320mm 6.5kw 3850*2600*2200mm 5000kg
BCGF 60-60-12 15000bottles / hour 60 60 15 30-90mm  100-320 7.5KW 4550*3600*2200mm 6500kg

Working Principle of Beer Filling Machine

The middle of the tank on the tank seal
Carbon dioxide bottle replacement
Prepare pressure
Replacement cam exits the relief valve to close automatically
After the filling pressure is completed, the pressure inside the bottle and the pressure in the cylinder are equal to the pressure, the liquid valve will automatically open, the bottle filling.
End of filling When the liquid level reaches the return air pipe, the pressure difference will be stopped in the bottle.
Relief unloading open, equal pressure after the operation of the stem device is closed, the middle of the device to complete, to complete the filling of the bottle.

If you havIe any requiremsnts, please feel free to contact us.


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