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Bottled oxygenated water filling line


1. Automatic characters:

This model is a widely used style of filling machine. It can used for the filling of white wine,juice,water etc non-carbonated drinks, but also suitable for liquid biological agents like pesticide


And it can avoid polluting and the spreading of the harmful substance effectively. For either juice or pesticide filling is worked in the fully-isolated operating environment.


The model CG is made of SUS 304 material, with the features of advanced technology, completed system, reliable performance, easy in operation and so on.


2. Main structure and properties:

 Main structure:

It is made up of operating table, transmission parts (including the adjustable speed motor, gear box) filling head, liquid tank, water pump, dial wheel and so on.



(1) The model adopt the automatic filling control system, the liquid level in the bottle is very Precision

(2) With elegant shape, compact design, simple operation, highly-automated and easy maintenance.

(3) All spare parts touched with liquid tank,filling head and filling liquid are made of low-carbon SUS304. Which is corrosion resistance and easy to clean.

(4) The filling machine adopts the adjustable speed motor, which can adjust the filling speed.


3. Main technical specifications:

1.Filling head: 12

2.Suitable bottle: Diameter: 50-95mm

                               Height: 80-310mm

                              Diameter of bottle mouth: 25-55mm

3.Capacity: 1000-2000 b/h

4.adjustable speed motor: Y81-4, 0.55kw, 1390r/min

5.weight: 500kg

6.size: 1000*800*1850mm